In the Trapped Night (demo)

by DyoN Joo

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People make same mistakes over and over.
Knowing that I should not expect the other’s attention, but I finally do,
and after when I realize the reality that the one does not care about me, now that drives me crazy to death.

It was no one’s fault, but I couldn’t but blame him since I was no mature being.

This song is made to let me come to his mind when he is all alone at the night.
I never want to be forgotten, even though I could not be the one for him


DyoN Joo - In the Trapped Night

Spent two nights no day
Talked only silence
Barely know, even flow

Spent two nights in your way
Shared only silence
Barely know, even lost

Have you ever Have you ever
Have you ever 나를 seriously
Have you ever Have you ever
Have you ever Have you

I’m the shadow in the dark of you
till the night falls down
Don’t you dare live w/o me
I was hanged on your eyes

The answer is nowhere, I know
Still here cuz I wanted you
You will never drown in me but
I wake up when your night comes


released December 10, 2015
Compose / lyrics / Recorded / Mixed by DyoN Joo



all rights reserved