i Cut the Bangs

by DyoN Joo

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This song is about Cutting of the forehead Bangs.

I kept my bangs for several years like it was one of my characteristic point, but after He said “How about make them long, it will look good on you.” I let them grow since I want to be loved by him.

I never thought that I deserve to be wanted, so i desperately tried to become the one he adores.

However, me trying way too harsh made him sick. His word “We cannot go back to the time when we were sparkling. Now You lost yourself. and I don’t want to be blamed by you.” made me to cut off my bangs with despair.

Soon after the cutting, I realized the hair being cut off is the time before i met him, and left hair on my scalp is the time after being with him. How long time do I need to get rid of all of these things got from him?

If, I had my own light so I didn’t need to make an effort to be lovable, not looking desperate, then would he feel comfortable to be with me?

If i did not push him to love me more, or not try to become his Someone, then would he stay longer?

He was my sun and my stars.

I wanted to be the one like him, beside him.

앞머리를 자른 것에 대한 이야기입니다.

늘 뱅 앞머리를 고수했던 제게, 그는 “앞머리를 길러서 넘기면 예쁠 것 같아.”라고 말했어요.

그에게 어떻게든 사랑받고 싶었던 저는 그저 열심히 길렀습니다.
나 자체로는 그에게 가장 특별한 사람이 될 자신이 없어서,
언제까지고 곁에 있으려면 그가 원하는 존재가 되어야한다고 믿었거든요.

하지만 점점 원래 모습을 잃고 상대에게 목메는 저의 모습 때문에 그는 지쳐갔습니다.
찬란했던 처음으로는 돌아갈 수 없다는 말에, 저는 길렀던 앞머리를 울컥 잘라버렸습니다.

그 때 이런 생각이 들었어요.
'지금 잘라낸 머리는 그를 만나기 전 기른 것. 지금 내게 남아있는 머리는 그와 함께했던 시간. 원래의 내 모습을 찾으려했지만, 남아있는건 그의 흔적 뿐. 이 시간들이 내 몸에서 멀어지려면 몇년이 흘러야?'

만약 내가, 스스로 온전히 빛나는 사람이어서 그의 무엇이 되려고 애쓰지 않았다면,

마치 그처럼 혼자 서있을 수 있는 사람이었다면,
혹은 그가 나를 원하는 만큼만 그를 보았다면, 지금도 함께일 수 있었을까요?

그 사람은 저에게 태양같은 사람이었습니다.
저도 그의 곁에서 그런 존재가 되고 싶었어요.


DyoN Joo - i Cut the Bangs

머리를 자른건 원래의 내가 되려고 / Cutting off bangs is to become myself
하지만 이미 너의 흔적이 가득하죠 / but your shadows are everywhere already.
잘라낸 머리는 그대없던 시간일 뿐 / Cut off hair is just the time without you.
너와의 시간은 내 몸 가까이 남아있는걸 / The time being with you is left on me so closely

그대가 멀어지려면 3년은 더 흘러야할텐데 / 3years are needed to let you go
그때까지 난 매일 너와 함께 살아내 / Until then, I should endure your being.
이렇게 또 아무것도 못한 채 잘자란 말로 오늘을 보내요 / I tried to do something, to make you go, but I just say Good Night peacefully.
오늘은 안녕 (Bye) 오늘도 안녕 (Hi) / I wanted to say Bye to you, but just Hi, again.

머리를 자른건 원래의 내가 되려고 / Cutting off bangs is to become myself
하지만 이미 너의 흔적이 가득하죠 / but your shadows are everywhere already.

다시 돌아갈 수 없다는 너의 그 시간들이 / The glittering time you said we cannot go back
이제 와서 나에게 지쳐가면 어떡해 / is now feels sick of me, and it makes me painful
그저 너를 기다리는 나의 똑같은 날이 / My same days waiting for you
다시 그대로 이제야 / are heading to you.

If i tried to be alright in everytime you left me alone
like I had my own glow
then would you stay here?
I just keep thinking of you, it means I want you more
and there’s nothing wrong

Because you were there like the only way
You were the light
I hoped I was too

No No


released February 28, 2015
Composed & Lyrics by DyoN Joo
Arranged by Hojin Lee & DyoN Joo
Guitar & Bass by Hojin Lee
Drum by SIYA
Violin by Kimvilolin

Recorded & Mixed by HyunSeung Kim @Studio 7
Mastered by SeungHee Kang @Sonic Korea Mastering Studio



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